Cryptopoker is a secured software to play poker or other cards games (or dominoes or select securely random numbers for loto), without any intermediate or third party, first version was written in Pascal 1990 but computers were too slow at that time for such cryptographic calculations.
It has been rewritten afterwards in C++ and optimized, patent applications were filled in 2001.

This software allow to play securely poker and other cards game without any intermediate (by Email, direct IP connection, Bluetooth, addon Skype, facebook application...) using cryptography

You can find here some of our patent applications that will explain technically how our system works :
International patent application in english for Selection of cards for a long distance game
Brevet d'invention en français pour le jeu de poker sans intermédiaire à l'aide de procédé cryptographique avancé : Procédé cryptographique de sélection et d'échange de cartes pour un jeu de cartes à distance sans intermédiaire
European patent issued by european patent office without any significant prior results in search report about more generic cryptographic encryption and identification, patent is in French, English and German. (Above patents are derived on this base patent).
Please note that this secured system is also used in an electronic purse system (to exchange money securely between 2 devices).
Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to see source code of our cryptopoker software, written in C++
Email :